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Health Science

Oxford University Scientists Develop Genetically Modified Virus That Destroys Cancer And Its “Helper” Cells

Andrea D. Steffen
Cancer tricks your body’s healthy cells, known as fibroblasts, into protecting it from your own immune system. This new genetically modified virus (called enadenotucirev) attacks both the tumors, and these fibroblasts that have been turned
Health Innovation Technology

Patient Successfully Receives First Ever 3D-Printed Rib Implant

Andrea D. Steffen
Cardiac surgeons at the Tokuda Hospital in Sofia, Bulgaria performed an innovative surgery – they implanted a rib in the human body that was made on a 3DGence 3D printer. This type of surgery is

Researchers Transform Breast Cancer Cells Into Fat Cells to Stop Them From Spreading

Andrea D. Steffen
Researchers from Switzerland’s University of Basel Department of Biomedicine were able to transform cancer cells into fat by exploiting a mechanism they use to spread throughout the body. The best part is, since the drugs

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