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It May Be Possible To Restore Memory Function In Alzheimer’s Disease

Andrea D. Steffen
A team, led by University at Buffalo scientists, reveal a new approach to Alzheimer’s disease (AD) that may eventually make it possible to reverse memory loss, a hallmark of the disease in its late stages.
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Research Finds You May Be Able To Learn A New Language During Deep Sleep

Andrea D. Steffen
The notion that we can learn in our sleep is a captivating idea. Imagine the possibility – that we could really be capable of drastically improving our productivity by learning in our sleep… you have

Scientists’ Rabbit Illusion Tricks The Brain Into Seeing What Isn’t Really There

Andrea D. Steffen
The human brain has a mind of its own and it has ways of playing tricks on you! Granted, its true intention is to help you clarify situations. When your senses get bombarded with information

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