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The Top 15 Amenities You’ll Find in a Luxury RV

Curious about why so many people are obsessed with luxury travel trailers? You are right to be so. They are incredible.

Read on to discover the top 15 amenities that you will find in a luxury RV.

1. Pet Friendly

Because they know that you love traveling with your four-legged family member, luxury RVs typically come with a few different amenities that are perfect for them. Here are a few.

Remote Temperature Control

Say you are traveling to the mountains and want to go on a hike without your dog. You can leave them in your trailer without worry because of the remote temperature control. Just check in on them periodically and enjoy your stress-free hike.

Convenient Food and Water Placement

Some travel trailers have pull-out drawers dedicated to their food and water. So you can make sure they are well fed without having to worry about a lack of floor space.

Room for a Dog Bed

The same goes for dog beds. The best trailers come with a matching dog bed that can sit conveniently under the table in the main cabin.

2. GPS Tracking

Worried about leaving your trailer unattended while you walk the trails? Luxury RVs often come with GPS tracking, so no matter what happens, you are covered.

3. WiFi

Some people like to disconnect from the world completely when they travel. Others, not so much. Keep up with your favorite shows, teams, and games with a built-in wifi router.

4. Cellular Booster

In addition to having private onboard wifi, you can ensure your safety with boosted cell service wherever you go. That way, you can have peace of mind in case an emergency were to arise.

5. Bluetooth for Your Breaks

Do you want towing and braking during travel to be a breeze? The best trailers come with a Bluetooth system for their breaks that seamlessly connects to your car. Ultimately maximizing your travel efficiency.

6. Water Filtration System

Safe water that tastes good is a must. Luxury travel trailers typically come stocked with a two-stage water filtration system that keeps unwanted chemicals out of your water supply.

7. Air Filtration

Air filtration is crucial. Many lower-end RVs and trailers don’t have the best filtration. This can really put a damper on any physical activities you plan to do during your travels. Getting a luxury RV will ensure that you have clean air wherever you go.

Non-Toxic Materials

Something that adds to the cleanliness of your air is the materials used to build the trailer. Luxury RV companies will use non-toxic material and stay away from glue during the construction of each unit.

8. Strong Electrical Power System

If you are the type that just wants to drive out into the middle of nowhere and park your trailer for a couple of weeks. You can do that with a strong electrical power system. The best RVs will power all your onboard amenities for about two weeks.

9. Exterior Kitchen

Want to cook outside on a lovely spring day? Make sure your luxury trailer has an external kitchen equipped with outlets and propane. You will miss it if it doesn’t.

10. Charging Capability for Your Electric Vehicle

Using an electric vehicle to tow your RV? Make sure you get a trailer that can charge it. Certain luxury RVs can charge cars so that your trip can be emissions-free.

11. Coverable Skylights

Skylights are a great feature to have. Just make sure your RV comes with quickly stored covers for those skylights. It can get warm when the sun is beating down on you through the windows on your roof.

12. Good Amount of Space

Space is luxury. That’s why mansions are big. So, it somewhat goes without saying, but when looking at luxury RVs. You will find that many of them have much more space than you would expect.


Along with this space will be privacy. Many of these trailers have doors that can appropriately section off parts of the trailer. Some RVs that are not as nice may not have that luxury.

13. Luxurious Shower

Do you want the shower in your RV to be as nice or nicer than the shower you have at home? Then get a luxury RV. They come with the best.

Inside and Out

The best part about their showers might be that they typically can extend to the outside. So, when you are coming back from your hike, you can wash off your muddy shoes and dirty feet before entering your clean trailer.

14. Television

Luxury trailers can have a TV. TV and nature, what could be better?

15. Sustainability

Perhaps the most important part about luxury travel trailers is that they are made with sustainable parts. The best companies will make their trailers out of material that will last, trees that grow back fast, and utilize companies that share their vision of a healthier environment.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that luxury travel trailers are amazing. They have amenities that are useful, luxurious, and great for the environment. The best part is that this list just scratches the surface of all they offer.

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