KYC Verification In Online Casinos, Is It Necessary?

KYC Verification In Online Casinos, Is It Necessary?

For a couple of years, KYC has been a huge topic in the realm of online gambling. Today it is one of the best-known practices of this kind and the one that makes a massive difference. KYC stands for Know Your Customer, which is very common in online casinos.

There are some brands without verification available for UK players. But in general, a user or a gambler will have to provide ID document photos, photos, and much more to prove their identity and information. It is mandatory at most casinos, but why? Well, there are a few reasons for that.

Main Reasons Why KYC Is Important

First of all, we have to reveal why KYC is so important and so beneficial. At the end of the day, it all comes to these few reasons, and most of them are already known to some of you. Even if you are a new player in the world of online gambling, you can deduce that these reasons are important and do affect the whole process.

Make Gambling Environment Safer

One of the main reasons that is very interesting is that KYC makes the online gambling environment safer. It makes it impossible for users to use illegal activities; hence they must obey all the rules and must gamble legally. This has a huge effect on all gamblers. If there is one person who scams others, the whole gambling realm would be bad and negative. KYC makes this impossible and makes gambling safer for us all.

If we know that gambling authorities control online casinos, we can deduce that KYC is mandatory because the authorities want to make online gambling safer and more appealing to all people.

Prevent Money Laundering

Without KYC, you can be anyone you like on the web or at online casinos. You can use any funds for any purpose. If we know that online casinos are loaded with funds and generate or control huge amounts of money per day, money laundering is an ideal criminal activity in this case scenario. This is probably the main reason why KYC is required by operators and why it is so important and so beneficial. It simply blocks the ability to launder money at online casinos. Here, we must add that this has another effect on the first reason. It makes the gambling environment even safer and more appealing.

Without KYC, some people would use online gambling and casinos to the extreme. It is easy to launder money in this way, and it is something that most criminals know about. KYC puts an end to this.

Responsible Gaming

KYC is there to make responsible gaming possible. This means that, due to KYC, people aged 18 or under 21 in the United States cannot play casino games. You have to prove your identity, and the casino will refuse your account if you are an underage player.

Underage gambling has been a huge issue for most casinos across the world, and it is something that is very dangerous. Remember that gambling addiction is possible and common among people under 18. Thanks to KYC, this is decreased, which once again makes online gambling safer.

Why Don’t People Like KYC?

The main reason for that is the lack of anonymity. Some gamblers want to stay hidden while playing. They don’t like sharing personal data and files that can prove their gambling activity. Other players simply refuse or dislike sharing data with third parties. This does make sense. Nobody wants to provide a photo of his ID document or to send personal information to unknown organizations or people.

We must add the KYC is a safe process, and the data will not be shared with anyone else. If you provide the data needed to complete KYC, you are safe, and the data will remain on secure servers, not being shared with others. But still, many people are skeptical about all of this. They don’t like nor want to provide the data. Remember that you will have to provide details such as your address, telephone number, employment, ID document scan, and more. There are many files and details you have to provide.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, all we can add is that KYC is important and will probably become even more important in the near future. In our technological world, it is essential to verify users. More and more online casinos require it due to laws from gambling authorities. As such, we can see that KYC will become a massive part of all this and make your online gambling session safer.

Yes, many more people will be skeptical about all of that and will look for a way around it. But we believe that some compromise would be a nice solution to all of that. More people should accept KYC. It is there for your safety and to make online gambling safer as well.

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