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Akon launches solar project to supply electricity to millions across Africa

AkonLightingAkon, who is of Senegalese-American descent has recently opened a Solar Academy as part of his efforts to bring electricity and lighting to many of the 600 million people in rural communities across Africa.

Located in Bamako, Mali, the academy’s aim is to help engineers produce solar power.

The singer decided to seriously diversify and set up charity Akon Lighting Africa in 2014. The organisation states that the continent averages 320 days of sunshine a year.

Samba Baithily, who co-founded Akon Lighting Africa with Akon and Thione Niang, told Reuters: “We have the sun and innovative technologies to bring electricity to homes and communities. We now need to consolidate African expertise.”

“We expect the Africans who graduate from this center to devise new, innovative, technical solutions,” said Niang.

“With this Academy, we can capitalize on Akon Lighting Africa and go further.”

Not only does the project bring lighting and electricity to the people living in rural Africa, but it creates jobs and gives training to thousands of those people.

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