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A Vaccine Created From Mushrooms Could Save The Honey Bees

Andrea D. Steffen
Today is not a good time for the honeybees. They have been dying off in vast numbers for several years now. Up to 30-90 percent of the colonies have died off. It’s all over environmental
Environment Nature

A Plastic-Eating Fungus Has Been Found In Pakistan

Andrea D. Steffen
The enormous amount of plastics that we manufacture and discard is a defining characteristic of the Anthropocene – the current geological age of human domination over climate and the environment. The same reason it is

Humongous Fungus, the world’s largest living organism

Aaron Jackson
The Blue Whale pales in comparison to this the size of this fungus in eastern Oregon. Living in the Blue Mountains of Oregon, this humongous fungus occupies 2,384 acres (965 hectares) of soil, and it’s
Health Nature

Fighting Bacteria With Sloth Fur

M Caulfield
As bacteria becomes increasingly resistant to antibiotics, so do many struggles arise when it comes to fighting disease. It is very easy to take for granted that we can care for a small infection with

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