Ultralight Backpacking Gear List & Camping Lanterns
High Brightness Rechargeable LED Vintage Lantern (Credit: Hokolite)

Ultralight Backpacking Gear List & Camping Lanterns

Whether you are going out camping or on a short hike, the first step in backpacking is to start packing your backpack. A lightweight backpack can reduce the burden of the journey, so you should prepare a list of travel equipment to bring in a lightweight backpack before you leave. My usual travel list for your reference includes a tent, sleeping bag, water purifier, lighting equipment, hygiene products, gloves, and some essential food.

You may encounter some problems with travel lighting because the variety of camping lights in the selection may be a little challenging to choose between, and camping lamps are essential equipment. So how do you choose a good camping lamp? This requires us to consider various aspects; it is not as simple as just finding the brightest lanterns. Through the review of dozens of camping lamps, I recommend two Hokolite camping lanterns; they can be used in various camping scenarios, compared to a camping flashlight, which has higher brightness for lighting, a greater range, and is more portable.

High Brightness Rechargeable LED Vintage Lantern

When you first get it, you will be attracted to its barn-shaped appearance, made of ABS and aluminum alloy. The unique coating process makes it more durable, with a retro look and a sense of wilderness, aesthetics, and practicality. Its switch is a controllable rotary switch. You need to adjust the top of the rotary button to adjust its multiple light modes, which include a cool white light, warm light, and a mixture of warm and cool light; you can adjust the brightness and color temperature as needed. As an LED camping lantern, it has a 2000 mAh battery capacity; it takes 3-4 hours to charge fully. If you’re camping and your phone runs out of battery, don’t worry; this rechargeable LED lantern can also be used as a power bank to charge your phone. It has an electric display for a real-time grasp of the battery status. It has a handle so it can be hung directly on a lamppost, tent, or wall. It can also be placed on a table for lighting in the field. It is inevitable to encounter a wet environment or rainy days, so the waterproof performance of the camping lamp is essential. Therefore, when buying a camping lamp, you must test its waterproof ability; this camping light uses IPX4 waterproof technology. With this technology, you don’t have to worry about rainy days and water sprays. When I’m sitting at a table reading books or having dinner with friends, I flip the button to warm light mode, which has a cozy ambiance. So it can be the main camping light, but it can also be an ambient light. Sometimes we need to take photos outdoors. In the case of poor light, this camping lamp can help to light the area, effectively restoring the original color of objects and reducing eye fatigue. It fills the area with light and allows people to distinguish objects well.

3000 Lumens 360° COB Rechargeable Camping Lantern

This is a multi-directional lantern, which can illuminate 360° so that the entire surrounding has direct lighting, while the COB light source is very uniform and soft. The number of lumens must be high if you want a bright light. The headlamp and flashlight lumens can be between 1000-2000, but this one reaches 3000, so it is definitely bright enough. The brightness of the light can offset multiple lights. When I hang it in the tent, the whole tent lights up; it even lights up outside the tent. I think it is the brightest rechargeable lantern I have ever seen. It’s perfect for camping parties in the wilderness, where people gather in tents, drink and chat, sing and dance. It has rubber anti-slip handles and foldable hooks specially designed for tents. It is made of ABS and TPR materials. High-quality plastic material and a round style allow it to meet toughness and impact resistance requirements. It is also very functional; in addition to lighting, the output can charge cell phones and play the role of portable power. It is helpful enough to deal with unexpected situations while camping. These days, people always have cell phones in their hands. These camping lamps function as mobile power banks so that you can record every wonderful moment of camping. A red light mode can protect human vision and reduce the harassment of mosquitoes, and be used to make an SOS alert.


The above two camping lights are highly functional and can be carried around, hung, or placed on the desktop, suitable for various scenarios. They can also be used as mobile power banks, solving the problem of charging devices outdoors without carrying a rechargeable battery. They achieve multiple purposes, thus reducing the weight of the backpack and making it more lightweight. I hope I have helped you to find your favorite camping lights.

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