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Asura is a Spiritual Warrior, Sustainability Researcher and an Occupy Activist whom upholds the dream of building a new world rather than requesting one. His most widely held beliefs and life missions are that education, unity consciousness and providing people with the ability to produce resources will change life on Gaia immensely. Asura is also the founder of #OccupyTesla on facebook.
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Finally, Induction Lightbulbs Renew Tesla Tech

Incandescent light bulbs have been under attack in recent years as proponents of energy saving technology support energy saving LED and CFL bulbs, some of the old bulbs have even been banned in the United
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Psychology & Philosophy of Positive Living

Life’s Simple Battles It’s a hot topic; “I’m living in such horrible times, how do I become a more positive person?”. Therein lies the problem, you’ve already doomed yourself to being a negative person. “But

Sci-Fi Reality: 12 Futuristic Screen Displays

The creation of screened images can be traced back to the late 19th century with major innovations making the invention of television global in the early 20th century. Today screens are everywhere, modern society uses
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Building Earthen Dome Homes in 6 Weeks – DIY

Steve Areen’s Earthen Dome Home What if you could build a beautiful home that worked with nature, was built using nature, became one with it’s surroundings while still containing all of the basic amenities of any other home

Here Are The Tesla Motors Patents!

In the spirit of upholding the concept of open source we’ve decided to show you where and how you can find these patents for yourself! On June 12th an amazingly intelligent and caring billionaire CEO,

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